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The Process

An Appearance on "American Health Front" Is an Enjoyable Step by Step Process

If you’ve been asked to appear on our program our staff will guide you through the process in a way that takes very little time from normal day activities. You will be given choice and exclusivity in subject matter and we’ll use your guidance to produce your medical news segment. Our team does everything possible to help you make your television appearance an enjoyable and successful experience.

Footage shot at your location will accompany a pre-approved narration by the program’s anchor along with taped comments from the appropriate physicians, spokespersons, or patients from your practice that would be edited into the segment.

Let Us Guide You Every Step Of The Way

We’ll comfortably guide you through each step along the way. Our writers will compose a rough draft outline of the contents of the feature. They will draw from a number of resources to get the necessary information to complete a basic outline of the medical news segment. These resources could include an array of brochures, magazine articles, bullet points, websites and whatever else you can provide. That will be combined with whatever we have in our library on the topic. Once our initial rough draft is complete, it is forwarded to you for your review. The scripts are then rewritten and finalized with your approval.

Next, a video shoot is scheduled at your location well in advance of the air date. This videography session takes about two hours and will provide the majority of the background and actual footage content for the segment. The video shoot will be well planned, efficient and stress free. With the proper planning and cooperation on everyone’s part, the video shoots are completed with a minimum disruption of normal day to day activity. This results in our capturing the correct footage necessary for an accurate presentation.

With these important steps completed, you are well on your way toward a successful appearance on television.

You Own The Rights To The Material

In appreciation of your participation on our program, you own the rights to use your segment for whatever you see fit in the future. We suggest that you have us produce your segment in a way that makes it valuable not only for the broadcast but for future use as well. You will own all rights to the raw footage filmed at your location. The segment, the footage will be sent to you after completion of production and broadcast. You are then free to use your segment and your footage for any purpose you see fit. There are many uses for our broadcast segments and the professional film footage and we hope they will continue to be used to promote the important messages they contain.

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