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Below are excerpts from recent medical news broadcasts from “American Health Front”. While viewing the 'Program Format' excerpt you can get a good view of our program format with an example of how our program opens, leads into the opening feature and then shows how our program closes. Then feel free to click on the various images highlighting various topics from recently produced medical news programs. All segments in each market are custom produced in advance for each participant at the length agreed upon. Remember, when you view segments your download time and the quality of the videos are a factor of your internet connection.

Program Format

Rotator Cuff

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Pain Management

Vascular Surgery

Dental Implants

Cochlear Implants



Joint Replacement

Sports Medicine

Junpier Village.mp4


Plastic Surgery

Holistic Dentistry

Stem Cell Therapy

Pediatric Dentistry


Prostate Cancer

Hip Joint

Ear Nose Throat

Knee Joint

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